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Per Diem Reimbursement

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Business Expense Form

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Equipment Receipt

Steps to claiming reimbursement

Step 1: Log in to TRAC at the following link . Click on the “Out of Town Reimbursement” option. Put in the PE number that you were given when you first generated your TRAC. Hitting the next button will bring up your estimated costs. In the column next to it enter your actual costs. Note, if you used a p-card check off both buttons at the bottom of the screen. Be sure to enter all other receipt actuals. Send this updated TRAC to appropriate person for approval . Send me the TR number that the system generates.
Step 2: Complete the above Imprest Form and Business Expense Report. Be sure to itemize your expenditures in the business expense report.
Step 3: Sign the registration invoice that you received (even if you were paid from the po) and attach all of your receipts to a blank white piece of paper. Place your TR number on everything that you submit
Step 4: Make a copy of the completed package for your records (Imprest Form, Business Expense Report, singed registration invoice, receipts) (and if you used your car a copy of the personal car request that you completed when you filled out your TRAC, map-quest of mileage, gas receipts). Send the completed original package to me at the address below.