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Lisa Nielsen

Technology Innovation Manager – Manhattan

As a Technology Innovation Manager for the New York City Department of Education (NYC DOE), Lisa Nielsen oversees the creation and implementation of innovative technology and instruction. She has spent more than a decade working in various capacities in educational innovation at the NYC DOE and Teachers College, Columbia University including as a manager of instructional technology professional development, a literacy and instructional technology coach, program developer, teacher, librarian, and staff developer. Ms. Nielsen is a permanently certified educational administrator and teacher. While serving in the capacity of teacher she was honored as Teacher of the Year and nominated by her district as Technology Educator of the Year. Ms. Nielsen is a Google Certified Teacher, International Edublogger, and creator of The Innovative Educator social network, blog, and wiki. Her work has been published in “Learning and Leading” and “Tech and Learning” magazine.
Lisa Nielsen Resume

Beth Richards

Borough Instructional Technology Specialist – Manhattan

Beth has been teaching for 18 years which includes experience as a second, fourth and fifth grade classroom teacher. She has also been a computer teacher and is currently an Instructional Technology Specialist. Her work focuses on enhancing literacy and other content curriculum areas with project-based learning, innovative technology tools as well as global communication and collaboration opportunities.

Carolyn Semet

Borough Instructional Technology Specialist – Manhattan

Carolyn has been with the NYC Dept of Education for 17 years. She has been an elementary classroom teacher, a computer teacher, and currently an Instructional Technology Specialist. Her expertise is in integrating technology into the curriculum using current technology tools. She is a firm believer in project-based and multi-disciplinary learning infusing technology to enhance learning and actively engage students.
Carolyn Semet Resume

Joshua Wolff

Borough Instructional Technology Specialist- Title IID- Manhattan

Joshua has been a classroom teacher for 7 years. Within that time he has worked as an ESL teacher in Japan, an ELA and Math teacher in the Bronx, and a Social
Studies teacher in Queens. He also produces non-fiction media both in New York and abroad. He is currently directing a documentary film about deep sea lobster
divers in Nicaragua. Bridging video technology and web 2.0 tools with content areas is something Joshua believes enhances both learning and participation within the classroom.
Joshua Wolff Resume

Barbara Johnsen

Borough Instructional Technology Specialist

Barbara has worked for the Department of Education for over 7 years. She has worked as a teacher, data specialist, and curriculum design team liaison for a federal magnet grant. Her work has been centered on developing systemic reform through curriculum and technology initiatives that incorporate successful instructional strategies. Barbara’s work with the team will focus on helping educators and students develop 21st century skills.Barbara Johnsen Resume

Felton Thomas

Borough Instructional Technology Technician – Manhattan