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May 18th for PDN Grant Teachers
May 25th for Tech Liaisons and Library Media Specialists

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Carolyn Semet and Beth Richards
Technology Innovation Specialists

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Do you have an active blog or wiki that you use with your class? Please share the url here and explain how it is used and how it has transformed your teaching and instruction.


Carolyn Semet, Technology Innovation Specialist

Introduction to blogs and wikis
Overview of the day
  • What is a wiki? What is a blog?
Differences between a wiki and a blog:
  • Wiki is collaborative with multiple authors, blog has one author and others post responses
  • Wiki is a compilation of material whereas a blog is chronological
  • Wikis provide information, blogs allow for feedback (posts/comments) to information

FYI - This agenda is created on a wiki.
Types of Blogs
Which type are you thinking of creating?

  • Possible name for your blog
Why Blog?

Teachers - Is Blogging Worth the Risk?
Point / Counter Point

Why, What, How?

Blog Analytics
How many people are viewing and writing about your posts?
Creating a blog using
  • Create a Google account using your DOE address as their username
  • Create an account on Blogger (You can also go to Blogger and they can set up their Google account there)
  • Setting up your page
    • Interesting title
    • Choose a template
    • Adding a post
    • Adding attachments, photos, videos, etc.
  • Getting To Know Your Blog-A Beginners Guide:
Developing your blog
  • Write an introductory post
  • If you finish early, add an additional post
Share your blog concept
  • Break into groups by blog type
  • Discuss concept and get feedback

Introduction to Wikis
Wikispaces Overview
Creating a free teacher wiki using wikispaces
• Show and discuss various wikis created by teachers

Participants brainstorm names for their wiki

Hands-on demonstration and participants follow along:

• Creating a free teacher wikispace using (if you have a wikispaces account already, then log in first, then click on create a new wiki)

Participants REMEMBER to record your url, username and password

• Managing your space settings - public, private, protected
• Adding content/editing pages - edit and save button, discuss toolbar
• Creating links and uploading files
• Setting up a navigation bar - creating new pages and editing navigation
• Website development tips
  • Visitors should get to the information within 3 clicks
  • Link to words that describe what the link is. Don't use website url's on your page as links.
  • Keep fonts simple and make minimum use of color
  • Be aware of using dark colors on a light background and light colors on a dark background
  • Try to avoid fancy fonts - Stick to the basics
  • Avoid using red, green and yellow colored fonts as they are difficult to read

• Other wiki sites PB Wiki, Wet Paint, Jottit
Developing your wiki
Participants will develop their wiki by:
  • adding content to their home page
  • creating additional pages
  • deciding on an organizational framework for the wiki
  • creating a navigation bar
  • creating users

Advanced Wikispaces Editing : Getting Tricky with Wikis
• Discuss Protocols for wikis and blogs

  • Adhere to the IAUP - Be familiar with it
  • Student permission forms - Distribute it
  • distribution of consent forms for media and student work
  • no posting of students last name, information is online and public - be aware of what is posted

ConsentEnglish.pdf - Distribute this form to all students at the beginning of the school year. Parental permission is required prior to posting student photos on the web.
Media Consent Form - Consent to photograph, film, or videotape a student for non-profit use (e.g.: educational, public service or health awareness purposes) - in 9 languages
DOE WWW Forms - Distribute form to students prior to posting student work online. Keep on file.

NYCDOE Internet Acceptable Use Policy: Click here to view

Reflection on classroom application of wikis & blogs
  • Participants share possible uses of wikis and blogs in their classroom setting with a partner
  • Post and share your actively used wikis and blogs in our discussion forum>
Wrap Up
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Questions / Commentary / Final Thoughts

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  • Class: Innovate My Class with Blogs and Wikis

Additional resources:

Blogs vs. Wikis Video

Wikispaces Tour

Why wikis? Lots of wiki resources
Free wikis for teachers using

Wikispaces FAQs and detailed help for teachers:

Advanced Wikispaces Editing : Getting Tricky with Wikis