HRTC Room Reservation Instructions.

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To request a room at HRTC please follow these directions:

1) Confirm room availability:

  • Open OWA (Outlook) and look inside Public Folders
  • Double click and choose "All Folders"
  • Double click and go to "Central"
  • Double click and go to "Office of Instructional Technology"
  • Open this folder and check availability of “HRTC"

2) Email me with request if the room is available and provide the following.

Department Hosting Event

Name of Activity (one sentence)
Email of Person Booking Event (
Cell or Blackberry number
Email of Onsite Contact (
Cell or Blackberry number of Onsite Contact
Begin Time / End Time
Number of Participants

3) Note there is no staff or support at the locationThe custodian will let you in on the day of the event. There is no tech support or onsite support. If you have not been to the space, you may want to go prior to familiarize yourself with the space. You can look at the calendar to see when no one is in the space so you will not disturb another group.

4) Please leave the room exactly how you found it.There is no one to clean up after your group. DO NOT TOUCH ANY WIRES OR MOVE EQUIPMENT.