Innovate my Class with Document Cameras and Interactive Whiteboards

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Dates: Mar. 9th for PDN Grant Teachers
Mar. 16th for Tech Liaisons and Library Media Specialists

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Carolyn Semet and Beth Richards, Technology Innovation Specialists
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INEFFECTIVE Uses of a SmartBoard

Carolyn Semet, Technology Innovation Specialist

Old Smartboards become Bulletin Boards
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Setting up your SmartBoard Basics
Connect Board to computer through USB port
  • Connect projector to the computer
  • Make sure you have your computer plugged into the power source
  • Open Notebook Software ( must have it downloaded to your computer )
  • Orient the Board ( point of release actually syncs the board)
Using your SmartBoard Smartly

  • Let your students orient, troubleshoot and drive the board
  • Utilize the board as a center for group work
  • Position yourself to the side of the SmartBoard for optimal viewing
  • Digitize your lessons for easy future replication and access
  • Use the Flash based templates, graphics, and interactive activities in the Lesson Activity Toolkit and the lessons on the Smart Website rather than trying to create everything from scratch

Getting to Know Notebook Tools
Overview of SmartBoard Software, tools and resources

Important Tools
  • spotlight, shade, pens, shapes, dual page display, presentation mode, camera tool
Useful Tips and Tricks for your SmartBoard
  • Quick Erase - You can use the circle and tap feature to easily erase a large area on a SMART Board. Pick up the eraser, encircle the area you want to erase, and then tap in the middle of the area.
  • Quick orientation - Press both buttons on the pen tray to activate the orientation screen
  • Magic Pen - Draw a circle to get a spotlight. Draw a rectangle to Zoom. Write with the Magic Pen and watch your writing slowly disappear.
  • Customize Your Board: Adjust SmartBoard Settings under Control Panel
    • make yellow pen a highlighter
    • adjust pen thickness
    • screen capture toolbar
  • Customize Your Screen: Move tool bar from top to bottom and move side bar to right or left side by clicking on the double arrow.
  • Customize your Tool Bar: Click on View > Customize Toolbar > Add any tools you use often


Enhancing your SmartBoard Lessons with Multimedia

Laura Robitaille
NYC Sales Representative
Tel. 877.455.9369 x1029
Fax 631.293.4951
Focus is on enhancing your lessons with Multimedia - video, sound, pictures, links

SmartBoard presentation:

Download Video easily with Mozilla Firefox add-ons:

Obtain pictures from (search for Creative Commons Licensing images)

Find sound to use and download:

NOTE: If you have difficult inserting multimedia in a Notebook file because you can only import certain file extensions, just add the file to the attachments tab.
Create a DO NOW for your students including multimedia

Lunch is hosted by SmartBoard
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Document Cameras - Out of the Box
Setting up the Document Camera to your laptop


  • Input - VGA cable from the computerto the side of the Doc Camera (BLACK VGA cable) labeled RGA Input
  • Output to Projector - RGB Output on the back of the Doc Camera (BLUE VGA cable)
  • Plug in Power Source on Document Camera
  • Power On (silver button on the side)
  • Camera/PC to switch between the document camera and your computer
Document Camera - Basics

All PDN grant schools received 1 document camera if they attended the summer institute. Today you will receive a second document camera so that each PDN grant teacher will have one to use.

Doc_Camera_AverMediaAvermedia 355AF
Using Multimedia with your Document Camera
Recording Lessons on your SD Card

You can record audio and video using your document camera if you want to capture part of your lesson to share with your students. It is also easy to capture images.

Recording Video Tutorial - How to record with your document camera. The 355AF is a portable document camera that has a 5 mega pixel sensor, along with a one touch audio-video recording directly to a USB flash drive or SD card with a built in microphone.

AVerCommunity web site - has many videos pertaining to the recording feature of the 355AF.
Exploring the Document Camera in Groups with laptops
Break up into to groups of 6 groups of 5 OR 7 groups of 4 and set up one of your document cameras to a projector and a laptop. Practice using the document cameras with the recording feature. Record a tutorial for students that you will share on our learning network.
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Wrap Up
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Questions / Commentary / Final Thoughts

  • Borough hosting: Manhattan
  • Class: Innovate my Class with Document Cameras and Interactive Whiteboards

Register for one of our Innovation Field Trips to see innovative technology tools in use as demonstrated by teachers and students

Mar. 10th - PS 132 - Highlighting smartpens
Mar 30th - Our Lady Queens of Angels - Highlighting smartpens and iTouches

See our Innovation Field Trip site for information about all past and upcoming trips

Smartboard Articles

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Effectiveness of the IWB
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Doubts over hi-tech whiteboards
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SmartBoard Resources

Smartboard Software Link: - Sort by grade, topic and curriculum

Lesson Activity Toolkit Reference Guide

Obtaining a Product Key to Install the Software

Follow the steps below to download and activate SMART Notebook software.
  1. Obtain a product key to activate SMART Notebook software.
  2. Download SMART Notebook software, either by clicking the Download button below or the link in the e-mail you received from SMART Technologies when you registered for a product key.
  3. During the installation process, enter the product key you received from SMART Technologies.
NOTE: If you don't obtain a product key, you can use SMART Notebook software for 30 days.

(obtained from the Smartboard site)

Grant funding

Promethean will match PTA funds from a fundraiser, up to $3800, for ActivClassroom products