These are some questions that have been asked by applicants in 2009 and our best attempts at answers from instructional technology specialists who have applied for grants. These answers are not official answers from New York State. For official answers E-Mail to

· Question-Is there a problem applying in conjunction with a school in a different district? If not, which District superintendent signs off on the application?
Answer-Two schools from different districts may apply together with a non pub partner. The SINI school serves as the lead applicant and the superintendent for that schools signs the application.
· Question-I notice that schools that were in their first year of restructuring are on the eligibility list. These schools are not SINI. Are they still eligible?
Answer-Yes. Schools in their first year of restructuring are eligible.
SRAP schools are not.
· Question-I was wondering if schools can apply individually for this grant rather than by a district?
Answer - Schools apply individually with a non public school partner. Two public schools can also partner for the application as well-- for example 1 sini (this would be the lead) one non sini and always 1 non pub.
· Question - Can schools submit more than one grant application?
Answer - Schools can submit more than one grant application. The application must include a different focus and/or different schools. Each application must include a SINI or SURR school.
· Question - Do charter schools qualify as non-public schools?
Answer - No.
· Question - If we don't use all of our money in year one, can it be rolled over to the next year?
Answer - No.
· Question - How do you purchase non-famis items such as Kindles or Sony eReaders. Can they be written into the grant and purchased with bids?
Answer - Any item written into the grant can be purchased. If the grant is awarded you’ll need to submit three bids and use the vendor with the lowest cost.
· Question - How school wide does this have to be? Can it be for an academy, grade, subject area, single classroom?
Answer - The grant can be focused and targeted to a particular school program, academy, subject, grade or classroom.
· Question - Are there sample grants posted online?
Answer – There are not grants posted on the state site.
· Question - Do projector bulbs qualify as equipment that can be purchased?
Answer – Yes
· Question - We submitted a grant during the last round and didn’t win the grant. We would like to get the reviewer feedback. How can we get the grant rubric feedback to inform the process this time around.
Answer – ????
· Question – The application indicates eligible schools should consult with non-public schools, yet the best implementation of the grant would be with just one non public school partner. Why does the grant seem to imply multiple schools should be contacted? This would be an issue if multiple schools wanted to collaborate. Is it okay, to just contact one non public school with whom you want to partner?
Answer – ????

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