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Topic: Flip My Instruction with Flip Videos
Empowers educators to use video to engage learners as meaningful creators is one of the highest forms of critical thinking and a valuable authentic learning opportunity for students.
During this class you will:
  • Learn to operate a Flip Video Camera
  • Address best practices and appropriate use
  • Create and share videos to Flip Your Instruction for increased student achievement and engagement.
  • Develop additional ideas for Flipping Your Instruction
  • Determine ways to publish work to authentic audiences
  • Consider authentic assessment through video “likes” and comments.
  • Join a community that will continue to support you and allow you to share ideas all year long.

Welcome/Sign In/Introductions
Setting the stage
  • Get your flip
  • Introduce yourself using Wall Wisher. Read other's responses and find one that resonates with you.
Out of the Box
Flip Ideas
ReadFlip Your Instruction with Flip Video Cameras for ideas and resources
Join the conversation at the“Flip My Class”learning community
  • JoinVideo Group on Transforming Education for the 21C learning community
  • Discuss Ideas for engaging learners with video
    • How might you Flip Your Instruction to engage learners and increase achievement.
    • Think about how these ideas might fit into units of study across the year.
    • Find a participant’s idea that you liked and reply to their response.
Break / Download Software
  • Insert camera into USB port
  • Follow the steps to download the software
  • Notice help menu
Flip Tips
* 9 Tips for Capturing Great Video
Sample Video Ideas for Flipping Your Instruction

Create a Video
  • What are my learning tools?
    • Create a one minute video: "Who Am I as A Learner."
    • This video should have your voice and the objects / things you need to help you learn.
    • It will not have your face or name.
    • Tip: You may want to share items you have with you today i.e. books, paper. You may want to video websites or pictures of things that help you learn from the internet. Be creative!
  • Remember the tips for capturing video
  • If you finish early...create a video from one of the ideas earlier in class.

Make a Movieand Export to Share Online
  • Insert Flip
  • Make Movie
    • Title, credits, music, trim
  • Select "Share" "Online"
  • Export to computer
  • Trim Video
Publish and Share Video
  • Upload your SchoolTube videos here
  • Flip Channel - for individual or group email(If the majority of class has their own devices)
Publish to an Authentic Audience
ReadDon’t Forget Your Audience! 5 Ideas To Connect with Real Audiences
DiscussCommenting & Liking Videos
How might comments/likes impact learners and assessment?Advice for getting commentsPlease share specific advice for encouraging likes/comments from the following audiences: Parents/families, students, teachers, administrators…
Think about comments from others that resonate with you.
Reply to those comments.
Movie Screening
While Viewing
Wrap Up
Questions / Commentary / Final Thoughts
Evaluations/ Time Sheets
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  • Class: Flip My Instruction

Keep the conversation going
Further reading:

Further discussing:
  • Keep the conversation going in our Video Group
  • Start your own discussion or try one of these.